My worst nightmare

What could be your worst nightmare? Maybe getting your newly bought thing lost or having a breakup Oh!.. so sad. Hmm. but mine was a little different. Well, it was really unique, a real unique nightmare.

My nightmare was that I found out that one of my favorite actors was gay. Well, I am not like anti-gay or something like that but one really assumes and wants his/her favorite actor to be a normal person. It was a real shock and surprise for me as I could not really believe or expect him to be gay.

The actor was Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey.

I really liked Matt as I watched his show, White Collar. He was cool and handsome. He did brilliant acting and was really awesome. I was amazed by him so much that I wanted to view more of his shows and movies.

As I surfed reading about him, the three-letter word I found written really baffled me. It was a really big surprise for me as I did not totally expect him to be gay as he acts like a cool dude in the whole show. It took me a few days to lay off the surprise. And after that, I understood and I continued to enjoy his show like before.

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