Guilty Crown Review

Finally, the saga comes to an end. It was a truly tragic end with Shu becoming blind and Inori and Gai dying. So many other characters died too like Oogumo, Hare and Master Kouhin. I wish the ending was not so tragic. Sometimes it happens that when you see a show, you make a deep connection with the plot and the characters, you deeply feel the emotions of the show. This happened with me in this show, I was literally about to cry during the last episode, I was really that much moved.

I know the show hasn’t done a good deal explaining things, much was left to the viewer’s speculation, but even then I could feel the emotions, my focus is generally particularly on them. I do this a lot, I just go with the flow even when I don’t understand everything. I am too looking for hundreds of answers like how Gai and Shu were able to survive mana’s attack on Lost Christmas on being just a few meters away from her.

But considering the overall anime, the story was deeply interesting, the king’s power, voids, guerrilla warfare in the sci-fi setting, characters, the fearfulness of the antagonists, etc . In its short run, it delivered so much entertainment and great values.

Personally, the show has moved me, I have been amazed by the setting, the characters, the visuals and soundtracks, the idea of king’s power and voids, the apocalypse virus and how the story takes on. Just everything has left a great impact on me. There had been serious moments, happy moment and humorous ones too. I truly great blend was there. The little romantic moments of Shu and Inori were great 🙂 :).

I am not being able to concentrate on anything else. I just keep reminiscing about it. And whenever I do, I become lost. I don’t think its everlasting impact is gonna end soon. Oh ! I need more of it. Why it had to end? Can’t great things go on for eternity? Only a future project shall relax my heart :_(

Psst. I am going to watch the OVA too.

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