Re: Zero Review

Re: zero is undoubtedly one of the best anime of this season. It has blended many typical themes and cliches to create a new unique experience that makes one go head over heels for it. It used the overused concept of a time loop to create an awesomely unique experience for me. I had never thought of such a story being made of it. But in the end, I was mesmerized with it.

The first few episodes proceed calmly and then gradually different colors flow into the story making it exciting. The story blends fun with darkness but eventually, everything turns out to be fine.


Your typical teenage otaku boy Subaru is summoned to a parallel world that is set in medieval times and having characters from spirits to land dragons. He meets his heroine Emilia and so he embarks on his journey in a different world to explore and get the queen of his dreams.

Reasons to Watch

The main and side characters are awesome. Subaru, Emilia, Emilia’s sister, Rem, and Ram are such lovely and adorable characters. But each one of them has a dark side too.

Subaru is witty and holds a special power that being powerful is also very painful to use. He gets caught up in despair many times but somehow every time he builds up the courage to overthrow difficulties. Being funny and flirtatious he is very sociable and a great charmer. He is a strong and determined person too.

Emilia, a silver-haired half-elf who even being beautiful is detested by people because of some reason. Her aid is a spirit who is actually a little kitten who gives her company all the time. She is a kind person who likes to take care of others but refuses to admit to herself.

The animations are pretty well done and the music composition has been done very well and the theme songs are awesome. The side characters too are unique and interesting in their own aspect, you will surely love them. At first, it may seem that the story would entail an easy-peasy and peaceful plot but things turn out to be very twisted and sometimes a little disturbing but in the end, you will remain entertained and amazed.

It is a must-watch this season, you will love after seeing the first few episodes. The curiosity and feelings it will kindle would really draw you in.

Psst. The below official trailer does a pretty bad job of representing this great anime.

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