The Best Introductory online course for Computer Science enthusiasts

Are you pretty amused by computers, the web and all things geeky? If you are, you will love Computer Science. The subject delves deep into the workings of the computer and teaches you to do wonders with it.

The one online course that gives a really good exposure with CS and its intersection and impact on other subjects is CS50 offered by Harvard.

It is a first-year course offered at the Harvard campus. But you can get the videos for each year on Youtube. You can also view the course at and even obtain a certificate. CS50 is a 12-week course that teaches you basics and gives you along the way so much practical knowledge. It also gives a sneak-peek into other sub-fields like machine learning, web development, etc. It is taught by a super awesome teacher. It is a really dynamic course whose contents keep changing every year so things you would be learning would be the newest and best. Taking it will make you stand out. I discovered it really later. When I was a little younger, I had caught glimpse of it on my brother’s laptop. And one fine day when I was exploring tutorials Ta-Da! I found a video and so after that I started taking the course. But I left it in between. I am trying to get back to it as soon as possible. But please believe this one course is a standout and is completely free.

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