Tokyo Ghoul: re Review

Hiya! Welcome to today’s episode which is about Tokyo Ghoul: re, the season that some of us had been waiting for so eagerly. This is going to be a spoiler-free review.

For those of you who are unaware of it, Tokyo Ghoul: re is the third season of Tokyo ghoul, an action anime series that follows the story of Ken Kaneki, a nerdy guy whose life changes completely when by circumstances he turns into a ghoul. His unexpected foray into a dark world is followed through. The last episode left us on a cliffhanger and since then we have had many burning questions.

The new season seems like a lost offspring of the two seasons. I had judged by the trailer when it came that something was going to be amiss in this new season and I was right. 10 episodes have aired till now and I am commenting based upon them.

The plot of this season seems confusing at first because of lack of a link to the previous season but doubts get cleared quickly. But the progression is slow and anime lack expressiveness ad before. The evil forebodings, excitement, and desperation before deadly fights are lacking. That is dramatism is lacking. Here and there you get some tingling moments but it is not as heartfelt as before. The animation on a whole was fine but was not as dazzling as before. New interesting characters came into view but some old characters didn’t have their characteristic looks. This season felt separate from the others. The setting and style were quite different. The anime does a good job on the sound design. The OP was as blissful as before ones and the chibi design in the ED was as sweet as before.

Well, watch this season whenever you get time. It has its own plenty share of awesomeness. But I will also highly recommend reading the manga because it is way ahead of the anime and has more characters and better plot progression.

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