An Unforgettable Night

Hey guys, I discovered few pages lying around and on closer look, I found that I had written a story on them and most probably it was from Grade 8. So, I am sharing that story with you. I have edited it a bit to make it better. I hope you enjoy it. Do drop a comment and tell me your opinion.

Ha Ha Ha, I was breathing heavily. I just woke up from a bad dream. Even a karate champion like me was afraid of ghosts. I saw the clock, it was 12 PM. I didn’t feel like sleeping so I sat by the window to get some fresh air. As I was gazing through the window, I noticed some strange footprints on the street. They were quite big and were just recently made by someone. Having watched many thriller movies and mystery novels had filled my mind with horrific things and had widened my imagination. Everybody in my house was in a deep sleep. So, I sneaked out of the house easily to uncover the mystery. I decided to follow the tracks. They were in rapid succession as if someone was in a hurry. I was following the prints when I began hearing the sound of footsteps. I walked a little faster to catch up to the source of the sound. When I felt I was coming closer to it, I hid by the cars in the streets and when it seemed safe, I continued to follow. From the distance I was, it seemed to be the figure of a man. I carefully followed while making sure to produce minimum sound. I stopped when he stopped in front of the gate of a large mansion. With some courage, I went to a closer spot to observe. The mysterious man was wearing a black coat, black pants, and black boots. All the things required to camouflage with this dark night.

Then I saw the person was doing something. He took something from his pocket and stood in front of the lock of the gate. The figure was there for about 5 minutes and all the while the clanging noise of metal echoed. I was waiting fearfully and impatiently. Minute by minute, my suspicion of that person increased. Then just I heard the screeching noise of opening of the gate. I saw the big gate had opened and he had entered the mansion. He didn’t bother to lock it and continued inside. This made me more suspicious and I also entered the mansion sneakily. I could hear the soft footsteps of the man going around in the mansion. I moved on and continued to follow him in the mansion making sure not to blow my cover. The man seemed to enter a room. I waited for a second and then stood just at the corner of the door to peek inside. To my shock, I saw the man taking out a pistol from his coat. A man was sleeping on the bed there. Just thinking about what would happen next made me tremble. The black coat man aimed the pistol at the man and he was just about to pull the trigger, I shouted spontaneously so loudly that even the sleeping man woke up in fear. Without losing a second, I took a flower vase kept on a table and threw it on the black coat man. He was aghast by this sudden change and so was I. He was about to aim the pistol at me when I gave an uppercut to him, right on his chin. It was followed by a roundhouse kick to his neck and then a brutal karate chop on his stomach that he couldn’t resist. I grabbed the belt hanging on the back of the door and controlled and tied him with the help of the awakened man. The man continued to control the criminal as I called the police. The police were on a patrol nearby and reached the mansion within five minutes.

The person got arrested and was put up in jail. The police asked me and the mansion’s owner about the whole incident. After telling him, he praised me and thanked me a lot. By chance, I had caught up a dangerous criminal of the city who had been on the run for many months. He gathered info and targeted rich people. The mansion owner also thanked me a lot and invited me to his mansion for tomorrow. The policeman told me that I would be nominated for the Bravery Award and would surely get it also. Then I returned to my house at 2:30 AM, these two and a half hours were the most eventful hours in my life. My house and room were as I had left them. Nobody had a clue what I had done while they were taking a sweet nap. Well, I needed to sleep too and landed on my bed with unprecedented joy. The whole rest of the day I was so baffled that I couldn’t tell about the incident myself. The next day’s newspaper came to my rescue. My family got to know about it when my father saw my photo in the newspaper. My family was so proud of me but couldn’t understand I hadn’t told them before. And don’t ask of school, everyone treated me very specially.

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