Starting with Generative Art

Today, I took the time to explore one of my interests: generative art. Programmatically changing or producing images and videos has been in my mind for quite some time but I couldn’t find good resources to start with.

I stumbled upon Saskia Freeke’s (@sasj_nl) geometric animations on Twitter. I got deeply interested in them and finally pushed myself to learn something along the lines of it. I found some great articles and videos that gave great insight into this amazing world of generative art. Take a look and see for yourself how amazing graphics can be built with it.

A fantastic introduction to generative art by Tim Hollman. The link to his complete interactive tutorial series:

A great video tutorial to learn about generative art. It teaches you about static and non-static art using lines, balls, and fractals.

Expands on the idea of generative art and tells how many more things virtual things like 3d art, animations, models, etc. can be generated.

An article on generative art that lists some good books to learn about generative art. Also, check out the article author’s mesmerizing 2014 project: (download from the GitHub link, run the index.html in another browser if it doesn’t tun in your default browser).

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