The UCAS personal statement that got me into QMUL, Newcastle, Surrey, Brunel, and Northumbria

Hey guys. I had applied to UK universities as well (in May 2019). I got into all of my 5 choices on the UCAS. If any of you are planning to go into any of the above-mentioned universities, you can take a look at my personal statement. I had applied for a BSc in computer science with an industrial placement. I have tried to convey about myself very chronologically in the personal statement and make it seem like a story. It can act as a framework for your own essay. If you need any help regarding admission to UK colleges, drop a comment. I will be more than happy to share my learning with you.

(Note: I have recycled a good amount of content from my common app essay to make the UCAS personal statement)

Boom! Bam! Wham! Those are the sounds a kid playing video games is constantly subjected to. I too started playing them as a kid. Always excited by the vibrant dancing pixels, I developed a deep love for video games from childhood. And when in my preteens I stumbled upon game development, my joy held no bounds. The idea of myself crafting unique interactive experiences to share with people was stunning. Captivated by the possibilities, I dived into the world of coding and thus began my foray into computer science.

Gulping down information from the Internet, brainstorming in the washroom, stacking papers full of ideas are few of the habits that I picked up. Years passed by as I explored different areas of computer science. From making quiz software to designing database driven websites, I gained significant proficiency in various technologies. When computer science came up as a subject in my senior high school years, choosing it was a no-brainer for me. It was a remarkable learning experience studying with other passionate students. Sharing and learning with friends and juniors was in many ways more satisfying than learning alone. My background acted as a perk. It made computer science the easiest subject for me and led me to score the highest marks and innovate in my course projects. I became the Tech Head at my school and won several competitions over the last 2 years. I won a regional game development competition. I came first in my city (received INR 10,000) and third in my state during my participation in the WorldSkills web development competition. Later, I achieved a bigger milestone: I founded my own game studio and self-publish multiped games on the Internet. Success was validated by the smiles I saw on my friends’ faces and the appreciation I received from my teacher. It was an important moment in my life. All the countless hours that I had put in resulted in those little moments of appreciation that I deeply cherish. Also during school, I started going to attend tech meetups. Interacting with seniors and professionals seemed daunting at first but the warmth of the community towards a young newcomer like me was encouraging. What started as a childish exploration has now become an inseparable part of my life.

Besides technology, I take a deep interest in arts. I have learned foundational skills in guitar and Hindustani classical vocals and have performed at school and local events. Drawing, particularly sketching, is a favourite interest of mine. I used to rush to my art teacher’s room in my free time and was involved in different activities in the art department. Music and drawing have helped me to enhance my aesthetic sense and creativity. They have allowed me to make better games and will remain indispensable to me as an aspiring computer scientist.

It has been exciting to explore a small section of computer science at school and by myself. I have experienced that it enables one to become a creator of systems capable to bring change in people’s lives and therefore I am interested to study it at college.

I have been engrossed in the areas of game and web development for the past couple years but I have a greater interest in focusing on artificial intelligence. The study of AI will not only have a huge impact on web and game development but will also continue to bring everlasting impact on all disciplines and society. I envision to be at the forefront of the revolution involved in developing and regulating new technologies. I look forward to completing research based on my academic and extra-curricular interests at college. A computer science education will enable me to learn a wider range of topics in depth which will allow me to actualize my ideas and get involved with a community of technologists.

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