Books on Animation and Perspective Sketching I brought from the library

Today, I had two hours of free time to spend in my college library. Rather than going to the Engineering library, I went to the Art library because I needed books to learn to sketch.

I went to the library and started browsing the shelves. I came across the book “The Fundamentals of Animation” written by Paul Wells. Just as flicked through some of its pages, I instantly knew that I was in for a treat. I read about 25 pages of it. It was well-written and loads of illustrations to give examples from animated shows and films. Even for a 2006 edition, the book’s design from today’s standards was modern and clean. The information and examples in it felt fresh and inspiring. I will recommend you to take a look at it. The book has a 2016 edition too.

After that, I browsed for some more book by going to the other room of the library. Just as I entered, I came across lots of maroon files. On closer inspection, the turned out to files of the dissertation projects of students. I took a look at two of them. One was titled “Redensification of Delhi” and the other one was “Music as an element in architecture”. Both were informative and introduced new ideas and concepts to me.

Having taken a good look at both of them, I turned back to browse for more books. I couldn’t find any book teaching specifically sketching. But I came across many books that I would want to read: Magazine writing, Media Ethics, etc. I finally got the book “rending with pen+ink” written by Thames & Hudson issued because even though it didn’t teach sketching from basics, It had a lot of illustrations that would be useful to practice sketching.

I hope I finish these books in under 14 days so I can return them without paying any fine and get myself another set of amazing books. Happy reading!

The Fundamentals of Animation By Paul Wells
Introduction of The Fundamentals of Animation
Rendering with pen+ink by Thames & Hudson
An illustration of an apartment building from Rendering with pen+ink

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