Best website to track what you have watched

Do you want to track everything that you have watched? Be it TV shows, movies or anime, allows you to track everything you have watched easily without costing you a penny.

The website looks classy and has a record of everything that you might want to watch. You can sign up for the free account by clicking this link:

The free account allows you to do much stuff. You can add what, how many times, and when you have watched a particular thing. You can follow other people, participate in discussions, maintain watchlists, and much more. It gives you useful statistics about your watched content.

The VIP subscription provides a lot of cool features along with No Ads at a reasonable cost of $30 per year. It is worth the money. I would give that much money even for the free version.

I have been using it for a couple of months now. You can check my profile at

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