My review of the Career Camp by Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas is a great company striving to make a difference in computer science education in India. I got to know about it through an Instagram ad. I enrolled in its Career Camp program which is a pay-when-you-get-a job course. It was a remarkable decision that changed my life as it helped me, an 18-year old, to get a Software Engineer job in a remarkable company with 10L CTC.

Career Camp is a coding bootcamp by Coding Ninjas in which you are taught programming from scratch and are guaranteed a job of minimum 5 Laks pa. If you don’t get a job, you don’t have to pay anything. This is a great opportunity for computer science students who are about to graduate to review programming and get assistance in placement. Also, it is ideal for people from other industries who are looking to transition into the tech industry.

The course took off from the bare basics to lots of practice on recursion to basic DS (LL, Queues, Trees, BSTs) to Advanced DS (Priority Queues, Graphs, etc.). Full-stack web development was also part of it. HTML, CSS, JS, and MERN was covered in great detail. What you will learn in maybe 2-3 years on your own, the course will teach you in 6 months if you dedicate yourself to it.

The great features of the course:

  • The course payment starts only when your job starts.
  • Excellent quality of video lectures
  • A substantial amount of quality questions after each topic for practice
  • Regular tests to keep you on track
  • An active and energized community of students and faculty on Slack
  • Regular webinars with faculty and people from the industry
  • TAs to clear your doubts anytime
  • Industry mentor, for every 10 students, who can solve your queries about what it’s like to work in the industry and take your mock interviews
  • Active placement cell which helps you in resume building and keeps you updated about job opportunities

I am extremely happy with the course because it helped me to land a job as an 18-year-old. Yes, my past experiences and my plans pushed me to quit regular college and join the industry. The Coding Ninjas team made an exception for me to join me the course. 2.5 months into the course, the first company came for placement and I passed its coding and interview rounds and was offered a full-time offer which I gladly accepted.

To get an amazing headstart and get into the tech industry, this course is your best opportunity.

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