Guilty Crown Review

Finally, the saga comes to an end. It was a truly tragic end with Shu becoming blind and Inori and Gai dying. So many other characters died too like Oogumo, Hare and Master Kouhin. I wish the ending was not so tragic. Sometimes it happens that when you see a show, you make a deep connection with the plot and the characters, you deeply feel the emotions of the show. This happened with me in this show, I was literally about to cry during the last episode, I was really that much moved.

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A lovely anime series

“Oh! Why? Why? I was deprived of the greatness in the world. Why? Tell me. Please tell me.”I got that feeling when I began watching Guilty Crown, a Sci-Fi Romance Action Anime.

I fell in love with it after watching a few of its episodes. The beautiful characters and the interesting story and plot have taken me completely. Especially its songs have had me spellbound. The tone, visuals, and lyrics of each song are absolutely amazing. If you can’t make time to watch the anime, make sure you listen to some its songs.